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Animation is the term used to describe a series of graphical images that are displayed one after the other to simulate movement.   Cartoons on television are one example of animation; animating objects on Web pages so they move or change their appearance when pointed to is another.  Multimedia applications, both on and off the Web, frequently use animation.   To add simple animation to a Web page, Java applets and animated GIFs are frequently used.  A Java applet is a small program inserted into a Web page that performs a specific task, such as changing the values in a stock portfolio, scrolling text or images across the screen, and so forth.  An animated GIF is a group of GIF images stored in a special animated GIF file that is inserted in a Web page, similar to any other graphic.   The individual images contained in the animated GIFfile display one after another to simulate movement (see  Figure 10-9 ).   Animated GIFs are frequently used to change the images displayed in an onscreen advertising banner.
For more complex animations, Shockwave, Flash, JavaScript, or ActiveX animations are typically used; these types of animation require a plug-in (a small program that adds additional capabilities to your browser) to view.  Of these, JavaScript and Flash are two of the most widely used animation formats.  JavaScript is commonly used to build interactivity into a Web page, such as having text or an image change as a menu item is pointed to, as in Figure 10-9 .  Flash has been used consistently to create individual animated components found on Web pages, such as games, tutorials, and animated introductions that are played when a Web page is loaded; it is now beginning to be viewed as a viable development tool for overall Web development and is being used in place of, or in conjunction with, JavaScript to add interactivity to a Web site.   Animation and interactivity can also be achieved using Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and programming languages ).
One interesting type of animation appearing in an increasing number of Web site applications is the digital character,

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