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Are you a Course Content Developer

SayPro is a global higher Education Institution that provides a wide range of Certified qualifications, Diplomas, Degrees, Certificates, Workshops, Masterclasses and Trades.

SayPro invites all Course Content Developers from any Country speaking any language to register themselves into SayPro to resell and increase their reach and markets. Course Content Developers and Writers do not need to have an accredited or certified publishing course with us. All we need is quality content that could be better sold and shared with your markets, networks, and the general community.

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Do you have Courses written and want to sell them through SayPro?

SayPro invites all Course Content Writers who wants to share their skills, expertise and knowledge whilst generating revenue for themselves.

Do you want to manage your Customers without leaving the system?

SayPro has designed the state of the art back system that enables you to view and manage your customers, their enrolment, status, performance, assignments and results.

Do you want to ask them to come back again to buy your Courses?

SayPro is designed in a manner that you can automatically send an email to your clients without having to move out of the portal. An email can be received by the client and you get a response immediately.

Here are the benefits for Course Content Developer

As a Course Content Developer you have access and support to SayPro team 24/7. Speak to SayPro to enable you to get your content the right audience you require.

Our Team is available to assist you 24/7

SayPro Management Team will be able to advice Course Content Developers on subjects and titles should they be in conflict with already created courses.

Access to uploading Unlimited Courses

SayPro allows Course Content Developers to upload unlimited courses.

You also have access to sharing Videos

You can also add Courses to your courses so that your students can see you in visual. It is up to you.

Courses can be shared through links already created

SayPro has automatically created a platform for you to share the links to register to courses to Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Access to SMS platform to remind your Customers

We have a dedicated SayPro SMS which enables you to send SMSs to 1 individual and in bulk.

Own Home Page

Do you want your customers to land only to your courses. We are able to create a separate page for you to link only your courses. This enables you to sell more of your courses to individuals.

SayPro is very fast and efficient

You can trust that SayPro SayPro is very fast and can be used by anyone from anywhere without worrying about the speed.

SayPro Courses can be shared globally

I am looking or focusing on international reach. SayPro is designed for all countries.

Here is What you can add to your Courses

SayPro enables you to post Videos, written Content, Podcasts, Promotion of yourself, Promotion for other Courses and Articles about yourself.

Add Videos

Most of SayPro students love to view and learn from videos. If you also create videos, it will be a bonus. Whether it is animation, presentations or speaking. Then SayPro is then for you as a Content Developer

Promote yourself

Are you also looking to promote yourself as a brand or company, or individual? SayPro allows you to promote yourself in the courses so that they can learn more about you.

Add Written Content

SayPro Content Developers can write notes of their courses in writing to enable people to read your messages, lessons, explanations and descriptions. SayPro team is available to assist with the structure and layout only if you need it.

Promote other Courses

SayPro enables you to promote other courses you have developed. Yes, right on the portal, you can even send to multiple users who are not already your students.

Add Post Articles about you

Suppose you intend to blog about your work, your courses and your lovely work. You are flexible in using the SayPro portal to share your articles where you promote yourself and your systems.

Add Podcasts

If the Course Content Developer has created multiple or one Podcast, then you can load them as well where your students can be able to access your courses.

Here is what you can Upload

You have the option to upload Videos, Content, Podcasts, Questions and Assignments.

Upload Videos

Add videos from YouTube, Facebook, Microsoft or any of your favourite portals.

Upload Multiple Choice Questions

Write Multiple Choice Questions for automatic marking

Upload Thesis Assignments

Get Thesis Assignment and review it in a snapshot.

Upload Written Content

Add content with notes.

Upload Assignments

Create assignments for short paragraph questions.

Upload Quizzes

Create quizzes, and people answer them.

Upload Podcasts

Share Podcasts

Upload Essay Questions

Write Essay Questions and receive long assignments.

Upload Fill in the Missing Word

If you want them to complete the sentence.

Assignments and Quizzes Marking

People love to wait for their Lecturer to mark their assignments

Mark Assignments

As a course content developer, you will be able to mark assignments for your students.

Give Feedback to Assignments

You can give your students a star, comment and explanation. If you want them to write again, they can.

Give students chances

We have been giving students to redo the same course 3 times. Suppose you want to add more. You still can or reduce.

Certification is Completely Automated

SayPro will send the Certificates directly to your clients upon completion of the Course.

You must inform SayPro if you want to add this option so that it can be added to your Courses automatically.

Same Time Certificate Emailing to your Students

Certificates will be emailed immediately after they are comp,leted, or you have marked their assignments.

Certificates can be Couriered with your Signature

Certificates are also couriered to individuals. This can also be facilitated from your side if you want to sign with your original hand.

Your Signature also signs certificates

SayPro can upload and attach your signature to the certificates of Clients.

Certificates Delivery can be recorded to trace

All the Certificates Delivered will be made available on SayPro. You will also be able to track the delivery, including times.

You can also communicate with your clients after they have received their documents.

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