SayPro Health and Safety Organogram

Adopted in 2014, SayPro has designed the Health and Safety Organogram to guide the Management.

Our Health and Safety Organogram is as follows:

  • Health and Safety Representatives: SayPro will elect an individual who will take the overall responsibility of the Health and Safety across all SayPro buildings, branches and facilities globally. They will be responsible for ensuring that we are compliant with the relevant legislation, policies and systems as set by country governments and international Health and Safety regulatory authorities.
  • Health and Safety Training Officer: Shall be responsible for globally training the Health and Safety Representatives, focusing on key and focused legislation as amended or regulated. The officer shall ensure that the training content is also updated online.
  • Health and Safety Committee: With the instructions from Neftaly Malatjie, the committee shall be set up to ensure that they set policy, regulations, procedures looking at membership sites and the main headquarters of SayPro. They will sit in meetings periodically guided by the Health and Safety Policy of SayPro.
  • Lekgotla la ME Committee: The Lekgotla la ME Committee, which is the board of SayPro, shall take the responsibility of ensuring that they put into law all policies, set standards, as guided by the complaints suggestions, compliments and legislative authorities. The Lekgotla la ME Committee will present this report to Neftaly Malatjie for final approval.
  • The Chief Executive Officer: The Chief Executive Officers of SayPro – SayPro brands shall also ensure that their institutions comply with the Health and Safety. They shall also ensure that they follow the Health and Safety Organogram to ensure that they are aligned with the set regulations, policies and systems.
  • CEO, Board, Directors of Branches and Membership Sites: All member sites also accept that they will also comply with the SayPro Health and Safety Organogram. They also understand that they will take responsibility to ensure full compliance with the requirements as a set. They will also send their staff members for the training as SayPro – SayPro health and safety organogram team.

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