SayPro Knowledge Management

The leader in knowledge management in Africa.

SayPro’s Head of Knowledge Management is responsible for constantly reviewing SayPro’s data and knowledge landscape to identify potential areas for improvement and to identify potential areas for improvement.

As part of SayPro, we develop pragmatic approaches to improving consistency, discoverability, and reliability of information management throughout its lifecycle by focusing on the management of information throughout its lifecycle.

SayPro Designs and participates in developing and implementing accessible and scalable knowledge management systems (both procedural and IT-based).

The work of SayPro is to develop and document working practices for using knowledge and data in such a way that SayPro will be able to realise the maximum value.

The role of SayPro is to function as the process owner for the indexing and archiving of data and knowledge across the company (from early research to clinical archiving)

Embedding SayPro within a company’s software solution enables and facilitates sharing data and knowledge with relevant and authorised staff.

SayPro is enabling the accurate tagging of digital knowledge assets and data and ensuring metadata accuracy to aid rapid retrieval of knowledge assets across the business.

The team at SayPro is working tirelessly with staff throughout the company to ensure that they are aware of the wealth of digital knowledge we have and how to best access and utilise this information.

SayPro In conjunction with the Quality team, identify and report incidents that may result in a loss of knowledge or its value, and assist in offering mitigation for these incidents and refine processes to minimise their effect.

SayPro Supports the definition and monitoring of key performance indicators for measuring and monitoring the health of our digital knowledge assets.

The SayPro team understands the principles of archival documentation requirements.

In addition to managing our scientific literature procurement, central reference database and compliance with our licensing agreements with our Copyright Licensing Agency, SayPro manage our day-to-day scientific literature operations.

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