SayPro Brands

SayPro is part of a large group of Companies.

We are an affiliate of SayPro

Our sister companies are

Neftaly Management is the whole owner of SayPro.

SayPro is a mother to different companies:

SayPro is a non-profit organisation working with children and youth in Africa.

SayPro is a private company offering recruitment, placement and shares over 1 Million jobs globally. More than animal jobs

SayPro is an accredited and Certified Independent Higher Education is providing qualifications to individuals globally.

SayPro offers business tender opportunities, procurement, contracts and donor directory, non-profit funding opportunities.

SayPro offers business expansion to South Africa. They facilitate the process of global brands coming to South Africa.

SayPro offers business accounting, auditing, advisory, tax and VAT services.

We are a big family, and we are proud that you joined us.