SayPro Principal Annual Reports

SayPro registered and trained 14 youth for Function in a business environment. The training focused a lot on employees’ issues, especially when operating office equipment. The number informed the training of youth who visit SayPro centre every day and acknowledge the challenges of finding a job, but the biggest challenge is the lack of skills to conduct themselves and keep the job. Three out of five people are being retrenched every day, and only people that can work with office equipment can keep their jobs.

SayPro is a registered non-profit institution that aims to promote inclusive economic empowerment (access to vocational training, completion and transition into the job market) for unemployed and unskilled young people through SayPro ICT-based Work and Life Readiness and Opportunity Placement model.


  • Awareness –is whereby the program is done outside the office at mall or street was we inform people around the community with the skills that we provide at SayPro Centre.
  • Information and referrals are the starting point where the service consultant has welcomed everyone to get in. At advice and referral, we give full information to young people, assist them with referrals, and refer them to the relevant organization and institution to get more help.
  • Life skills- we upskill people to know their career choice by complete online modules, you and your career, Success in work and getting a job.
  • End-user computing- we train youth in computer literacy (Introduction into the computer) where they do theory and practical MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Internet and Typing.
  • Retail courses – We focus on training the youth on Bookkeeping and Function in the business environment.
  • Technical support- we also train the youth on system support and system development where they learn introduction of programming and maintenance of equipment in a working environment.


  • Poor internet signal is playing a part in delaying SayPro classes as we do SayPro training online.
  • Power failure due to load shading in the SayPro local community was also a big challenge.
  • Students to come late to the class always delays the lessons as we need to go back in accommodating them on the lessons.


  • Regarding the internet connection, when the signal was poor, we always used smartphones and tablets to make sure we hotspot the students to complete their assessment in time quickly.
  • To work with a reasonable number so that we can manage to control them and track the progress of every individual easily.
  • We organized a generator for a backup power supply to make sure training was continuing.

Impact Made

The table below shows the statistics of the impact made by the organization from September to November.

Program Target Sep Oct Nov Total
Advice and Referral 500 160 320 185 665
Life Skills 150 165 139 16 320
Function in Business Environment/Cashier 40 82 61 12 155
Bookkeeping 40 37 38 22 97
System Support 40 36 63 19 118
End-User Computing/word/Excel/Outlook 40 64 40 25 139
Programming 40 25 0 0 25
Awareness 100 112 80 57 249
Placement 10% 44 40 43 127
Daily Meals 150 20 65 18 103
Welfare to work 10% 12 17 31 60


  • All the training went well we managed to reach the target needed; the report is done with evidence.
  • We thank the manager for the contribution and effort that he made during the training.
  • We also thank all staff members for working as a team and ensuring that the beneficiaries are there on time to attend the training.
  • The online training is making work a bit easier as it doesn’t require too much paperwork. It makes studying to be easy for the students.

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