SayPro Chancellors Inauguration Speech

Inauguration of Herbet Shungube as a Principal

To the Bishop, Pastors, Chiefs, Kings, Traditional Leaders, SayPro Staff, Business Sector, Civil Society, Government Leaders, the Board, Committees and Students of SayPro Group and other organisations.

To all of you. May the peace of God of Mount Zion be with you.

I, Neftaly Malatjie, in my capacity as a Development Leader and the Founder for SayPro Group. I appoint Herbet Shungube on 18 January 2021 as the Chancellor for SayPro.

Today is the day that was proclaimed a long time ago. We never thought that this moment would arrive. We were stressed, hopeless but SayPro vision was reinvented. We knew that this day would come.

We did a lot to clean SayPro house to ensure it was in order. We are proud to announce that we did clean the house. We trust ourselves; SayPro clients trust us. We ask God of Mount Zion, who has led SayPro to this journey that he may now trust us. We did clean SayPro house.

Today, we appoint Herbet Shungube as the Principal of SayPro.

We ask God to bless you as you will ask for his guidance, support and direction in all your journey with SayPro.

We ask God to make you remember that you are here to change lives, develop people and create qualified leaders.

We ask God to make you treat everyone equally but mostly to be humble and respect those who work with you, under you and those on top of you.

By the power vested in me.

I officially appoint you as the Chancellor of SayPro.

My speech shall end here.

Neftaly Malatjie |CEO | SayPro Group