SayPro Diversity Equity and Inclusion

SayPro develops and executes the Clients-wide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programmes in collaboration with Talent & Culture, C-Team, Vice Presidents, Communications, and Equity Task Force.

SayPro influences, challenges, and educates leadership and other critical stakeholders on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives and strategy, bringing fresh and relevant perspectives and ideas to keep leadership well informed on the latest thinking, best practices, and developments in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

SayPro establishes clear goals and designs the metrics and processes that will help us measure progress and accountability – for executives, managers and staff – to drive meaningful impact in building a culture of inclusion.

SayPro partners with the People Experience team to embed effective Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices into every phase of the talent and development life cycle including, attraction, selection, development, and retention.

SayPro reviews existing programs and integrates expertise to enhance engagement and advocacy in talent acquisition and retention, people development, communications, marketing, and business strategy.

SayPro partners with leadership in each department to support departmental Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plans aligned with the Clients’ Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy.

SayPro leads efforts to close the diversity data gap to provide an accurate picture of diversity across the Clients. Define and articulate appropriate metrics/ stretch targets to measure all aspects of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in a global setting and work with key partners to ensure each country is making progress on their goals.

SayPro partner with Learning & Development, define ongoing learning and development solutions and build an education curriculum to support an equitable, just, and inclusive environment.

SayPro partner with Recruitment to ensure Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is at the heart of the Clients’ hiring practices by reviewing and updating current recruiting training and procedures.

SayPro partners with Communications, collaborate to ensure that external messaging aligns with internal strategies and efforts to external brands.

SayPro has a deep knowledge and experience in diversity, equity and inclusion, leading organisational change, research or consultancy work focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

SayPro has experience of working across different sociopolitical and cultural contexts.

SayPro has management experience, having led a small team and understanding how to develop, engage and motivate direct reports.

SayPro demonstrates change management skills and the ability to adapt to change in a complex environment.

SayPro has experience in listening and building internal solid relationships/partnerships with all levels of the organisation.

SayPro has experience designing and delivering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programmes such as mentorship, sponsorship, and orally.

SayPro provides Data and insight-driven Diversity, Equity and Inclusion professional that can understand the root causes of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion issues and appropriately translate into commitments and targets.

SayPro has strong cultural awareness and the ability to work with, collaborate, and influence diverse teams and groups across geographies.

SayPro has highly analytical with the ability to convey information to senior leaders.

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