SayPro Strategy and Enterprise Architecture

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To translate business vision and strategy into effective enterprise change by creating, communicating, and improving the fundamental principles and models that describe its future state and enable its evolution.

The focus is on enabling business and ICT – Information Communication Technology leaders to make investment decisions that balance and prioritize current operational demands, disruptions, and opportunities with the longer-term strategic vision of the organization.


SayPro Strategy and Enterprise Architecture outputs:

SayPro Strategy Planning

  • SayPro design develops, implement, and continually evolve your Digital Transformation Strategy, Programme, and Framework to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition and deliver on growing digitization needs.
  • SayPro aligns with your growing and changing business and operational requirements.
  • SayPro assists the Chief Information and Technology Officer (CITO) in directing, leading and socializing the Digital Transformation Strategy to ensure understanding, buy-in, participation and ownership by your Executive Team.
  • SayPro designs processes of tracking, monitoring, and evaluating the execution of Digital Transformation Strategy against set objectives.
  • SayPro ensures alignment of the Strategy Function to Best Practice Frameworks such as KING IV, COBIT, ISO, TOGAF.
  • SayPro Promote and lead technology-architectural strategic analysis efforts to identify business-technology opportunities that would significantly improve business agility and profitability.
  • SayPro Demonstrate the business value of architecture as an enabler of strategy formulation and as support for technology innovation, which drives the organization’s top and bottom lines. Enterprise Architecture
  • SayPro Provides overall direction, guidance and definition of IT Ecosystem architecture to support your business strategy effectively.
  • SayPro Design, Develops and Implement your Enterprise Architecture Blueprint designed to drive the implementation of your and ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology Digital Transformation Strategy and Roadmap.
  • SayPro Manage/coordinates architecture work across various architecture domains (Business Process Architecture, Application Architecture, Data and Information Architecture, Infrastructure and Cloud Architecture, Integration Architecture, and information and Cyber Security Architecture) to ensure architecture coherence, integrity and fitness-for-purpose.
  • SayPro Translates the ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology Roadmap into ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology Portfolio Management whilst ensuring alignment to the – Enterprise ArchitectureBlueprint and Execution Plan.
  • SayPro Sets the standards for Integration Services, Solutions Integration, Solutions Design, API Gateway and Management Service.
  • SayPro Interfaces across functional areas, acting as visionary to proactively define the direction for future projects.
  • SayPro Leads the design of EA – Enterprise ArchitectureConceptual and Details designs in support of Agile-DevOps and Scrum Methodology, thus ensuring efficiency in delivering Minimum Viable Production, Packages, Modules and Solutions.
  • SayPro Recommends allocation of investment to meet your short and long term business requirements.
  • SayPro Designs develop and implement EA – Enterprise ArchitecturePrinciples, Standards, Architecture and Procedures in support of ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology Policies to ensure efficient, effective and optimum execution of EA – Enterprise Architecture discipline.
  • SayPro Reviews existing business processes and establish metrics to improve business processes and support all architectural disciplines under their direction.
  • SayPro Drives simplification, standardization, TOC, ROI and Resilience to reduce costs and provides new business capabilities to increase revenue.
  • SayPro Recommends and participates in the analysis, evaluation and development of enterprise long term strategic and operating plans to ensure that the EA – Enterprise Architectureobjectives are consistent with the enterprise’s long-term business objectives.
  • SayPro Advises and recommends enterprise architecture strategies, processes and methodologies.
  • SayPro Keeps abreast with trends that are changing and challenging the ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology and digital landscape; shares best practices, lessons learnt and constantly updates the technical system architecture requirements based on changing technologies and knowledge related to recent, current and upcoming vendor products and solutions.
  • SayPro is required to interpret, use and apply information contained within ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology architecture to inform a range of business improvement activities, particularly those involved in the design, development, enhancement and maintenance of ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology support systems.
  • SayPro Identifies and recommends areas appropriate for further study and participates in any Proof of Concept projects required to investigate architectural possibilities and thoroughly strengthen arguments for their adoption.
  • SayPro Identifies implementation risks and analyses potential impact on the enterprise and the achievement of scheduled objectives.
  • SayPro Participates in the design and implementation of ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology service management standards, tools and methodologies.
  • SayPro Ensure technology roadmaps across applications, infrastructure, middleware and other aspects of technology are evolving in sync with each other.
  • SayPro Lead analysis of the IT environment to detect critical deficiencies and recommend solutions for improvement.
  • SayPro Present a gap analysis and IT investment roadmap that reflects the status of the existing IT estate, namely, its ability to contribute to future-state business capabilities around ecosystems and digital platforms.
  • SayPro Maintain in-depth knowledge of IT industry best practices, technologies, architectures and emerging technologies.
  • SayPro Lead the analysis of business and operating models, market trends and the technology industry to determine their potential impact on the enterprise’s business strategy, direction and architecture.

SayPro Innovation and Digital Transformation Programmes

  • SayPro Leads the process of identifying opportunities for innovative ways of delivering on your Strategic Pillars, ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology Digital Transformation Programme, and ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology Roadmap to ensure Smart and Modern ways of ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology service delivery.
  • SayPro Guides, designs, develops and implements the Innovation and Digital Transformation Framework and Delivery Programme in support of ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology Digital Agenda.
  • SayPro Guides the design and develops a programme that will cultivate the culture of innovation and creativity in the organization enabling seamless adoption of innovative Digital Technology Solutions.
  • SayPro Leads, directs and supports the innovation and digital transformation programmes by delivering Minimum Viable Products, Packages and Modules that are scalable in support of business outcomes.
  • SayPro Establish relationships for purposes of working collaboratively with Innovation functions/houses internal and external to yours.

SayPro Integration Services

  • SayPro Leads the design, establishment of Integration Services Function and Capability that addresses Integration Services Requirements for ICT – Information communication technology to ensure solid and sound solutions.
  • SayPro Ensures provision of SOA and API Management solutions that will assist it in creating and publishing APIs, whilst enforcing usage policies, controlling access, nurturing the subscriber community, collecting and analyzing usage statistics, and reporting on performance.
  • SayPro Design Integration Framework that addresses requirements for Agility – Integrations between your and third parties; the complexity of integration products necessitates advanced technical skills and dynamic solutions as well as reporting and analytics, which improves visibility into what is integrated and how the environment is performing.
  • SayPro Design a model to ensure that the Integration services function is geared to support the Agile-DevOps-Scrum delivery methodology of ICT.Governance Management
  • SayPro Designs, develop and implements your Enterprise Architecture Governance Framework for development and maintenance of the EA – Enterprise Architecture and ensure alignment to Group ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology EA – Enterprise ArchitectureFramework.
  • SayPro Designs and develops and implements EA – Enterprise ArchitectureDispensation Processes to ensure that appropriate plans are put in place to mitigate risks of deviations from EA – Enterprise Architecture principles, standards, architecture and procedures.
  • SayPro Works in Collaboration with Group ICT – Information CommunicationTechnology Enterprise Architecture to ensure enablement and support of all your Enterprise Architecture initiatives.
  • SayPro Chairperson of your Architecture Review Council and represents your requirements and needs in the Group Architecture Review Board for all Transversal Programmes/Projects/Initiatives.
  • SayPro Develop and communicate enterprise technology standards and policies.
  • SayPro Review new and existing program/project architecture for compliance with IT standards, policies and architectural plans and document exceptions to architectural standards.
  • SayPro Review IT procurement plans for compliance with IT standards and architectural projects.

SayPro Compliance

  • SayPro Ensure compliance of all ICT – Information Communication Technology services with the Enterprise Architecture frameworks.
  • SayPro Monitor and ensure adherence to statutory regulations, organizational standards, policies and procedures.
  • SayPro Ensure EA – Enterprise Architecturecompliance to demonstrable regulatory, legal control.

SayPro Stakeholder Management

  • SayPro Provide technical/professional support to internal and external stakeholders to ensure achievement of Enterprise Architecture functional, Technical and organizational objectives.
  • SayPro Collaborates with all relevant parties to review each solution’s objectives and constraints and determine conformance with the EA. Recommend the most suitable technical architecture and defines the solution at a high level.
  • SayPro Build, support and maintain healthy, diverse internal and external relationships (government, authorities and agencies) to ensure organizational goals. Implement remedial actions where required.
  • SayPro Support business and IT strategic planning.
  • SayPro Support product development teams.

SayPro People Management

  • SayPro Plan, organize, lead, and control subordinates’ activities to ensure sub-functional objectives are met or exceeded.
  • SayPro Manage people development initiatives, succession planning and talent management to meet operational performance standards.
  • SayPro Coach team and create a pro-learning environment. Assess team development needs and close gaps.
  • SayPro Create a culture of high performance, value-for-money, optimization and innovation through effective team performance management.EA Performance
  • SayPro Develop architectural metrics and reports for the executive team, business and IT management.