SayPro Sustainability

Enviromental Sustainability

SayPro Strategy will implement stringent policies that strengthen saving the environment. 

Monitoring use of colour printing or unnecessary printing of documents, energy-saving electronics including bulbs, and carpooling or use of public transport where possible. While these measures to save our environment are not exhaustive, SayPro will ensure that we update our policies regularly and communicate them to all staff and clients.

Institutional Sustainability​

Early learning and best practice from similar projects that SayPro. 

We have implemented seem to show there is a high likelihood that our current project model can be replicated and implemented across Southern Africa.We will invite interested investors in collaboration with local entrepreneurs replicate our model across townships and rural areas in major cities across Southern Africa.

Financial Sustainability​

SayPro aims to be a sustainable institution that provides services to adolescent girls and young women in cities, townships and rural areas.

SayPro generates its income through investments into different portfolios which in return enables the organisation to be able to cover its expenses. Should donors decide to cut funding, the SayPro will be able to finance itself. We aim to secure long-term contracts with donors and partners.

Intellectual Sustainability​

SayPro has the copyright of all the intellectual property, and it is the direct developer of the content. 

It is easier for the organisation to the amendment of the material. The organisation has collaborated with Sector and Education Authorities who provides annual grants to SayPro to provide bursaries, continuous development programme, work-based learning, workshops, internships, apprenticeships to the organisation’s staff

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