SayPro Web Stack Development (PHP Docker MySQL Bootstrap)

SayPro collaborative architectural design and analysis of solutions

SayPro manage and facilitate the control of data and information throughout the Group of companies

SayPro conducts ongoing security and stability assessments and software systems

SayPro conducts unit testing design and development, code review/sign off, automation testing tools and customer journey improvement

SayPro develops backend: Programming language PHP, Frameworks: Laravel or Symphony

Frontend: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap and JQuery – Angular Framework

Databases: MySQL or MariaDB

Agile and dynamic development environments

TDD / Unit testing / PHPUnit or similar

Microservices / Distributed System Design

SayPro has experience in rich and dynamic web or mobile applications

SayPro has experience with Docker, MongoDB / Cassandra, RabbitMQ / Kafka, Redis etc.

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