SayPro Volunteer Categories

We are proud to announce that we have different types of Volunteer Categories at SayPro SayPro.

The categories enables SayPro to classify how we see the volunteers, what and how they will contribute to SayPro SayPro.

Our Volunteer Categories includes but not limited to:

  • Corporate Volunteers: These are volunteers who are coming to SayPro SayPro who are representing businesses. They come during company time and will be able to claim hours from their employers.
  • Criminal Offence Volunteers: These are volunteers who are sentenced by the court to serve a trial period with SayPro SayPro. They will in return get confirmation to send to the court.
  • Gap Year Volunteers: These are high school  or university graduated who wants to spend some times from the working environment or going into business. They will be coming to SayPro SayPro and spend their gap year with us.
  • Government Volunteer: Thesr are the employees of government who wants to spend their time helping those in need.
  • EPWP Volunteers
  • Community Volunteers
  • Family Volunteers
  • Individual Volunteers

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