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There are many opportunities available for individuals and groups to participate in SayPro. Several SayPro jobs and job vacancies are available, SayPro learnerships and apprenticeships, SayPro university internships and SayPro TVET college internships, SayPro scholarships and bursaries, SayPro fellowships, SayPro freelancers and SayPro lecturers, and SayPro volunteer opportunities.

SayPro offers the following opportunities as part of its career development plan:

SayPro Jobs/Vacancies

Throughout the year, SayPro is always looking for professionals to fill vacancies and job openings. A fast-growing company, SayPro is always searching for the brightest and most innovative talent available to develop the company to its highest level. For job opportunities, you will be listed on our job board. The SayPro company is engaged in a continuous process of hiring new employees based on its database of candidates. As a result, there is no set deadline for submitting your applications. Our application process is open all year round, and we accept applications anytime. Apply here.

SayPro Learnership Program

As part of SayPro’s learnership program for individuals with a high school diploma or university bachelor’s degree, we offer a learnership programme for those who have completed secondary school and university. Offering a year-long program with a stipend that is paid for every month. As a company, SayPro offers an extensive range of Learnership Programmes in various fields, such as Health and People’s Development, Science and Technology, Mathematics and Engineering, Arts, Culture, Heritage, Communications, Marketing, and so on. Apply here.

SayPro University Internship Program

Whether you have a bachelor’s degree, honours degree, doctoral degree, MBA, or a bachelor’s degree in technology, we are looking for you. SayPro offers a wide range of internship programs for over 20 000 university graduates every year through its internship programs. As a SayPro employee, you will have the opportunity to learn various skills, knowledge, and experience in various industries. There is no doubt in my mind that you have what it takes. Apply here

SayPro TVET College Internship Program

Let us suppose that you graduated from TVET College a few years ago. More than 30 000 graduates from Technical Vocational Education and Training Colleges are coming to SayPro every year. Our training program provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge of working in a professional environment and workplace and work-based experience. Apply Here

SayPro Scholarship Program

Suppose you are interested in the possibility of furthering your studies with SayPro and gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve your goals. As part of the SayPro Scholarship Program, we offer scholarships to individuals around the world who have shown innovative ideas, skills, and capabilities from all countries and continents. The student will have the opportunity to spend up to 4 years crafting their ideas or have the opportunity to learn from the experts at SayPro. Apply here

SayPro Bursary Program

In order to recognize and reward the academic success of children, young people, women and individuals with disabilities in high school, SayPro offers bursaries to them. Additionally, those who have recently obtained a university endorsement can pursue further studies if they wish. As soon as they have completed their studies, they will be welcomed to work for SayPro permanently once they have completed their studies. There is no restriction on who can apply. Attach a copy of your school report or your matriculation certificate if you have one. Apply here.

SayPro Fellowship Program

To provide fellows from a wide variety of countries and continents with opportunities to learn and interact, SayPro has developed a Fellowship Program. The program will give you the skills and knowledge you will need to apply to your industry and sector. Apply here.

SayPro Freelancer Program

Would you like to earn an income while simultaneously working on your other tasks while earning an income simultaneously? The SayPro Company works with over 14000 freelancers on various projects across various portfolios. Depending on the type of portfolio you are applying for, you may or may not require any experience to qualify for a SayPro position, even if you have part-time availability. Apply here.

SayPro Lecturer Program

SayPro offers a unique opportunity for individuals with a Bachelor’s degree or higher to participate in a new Lecturer’s Program. SayPro Corporate Training Programs are designed to meet the needs of individuals and groups of all sizes, from small to large groups, and provide lecturers with the opportunity to train real students. Apply here

SayPro Volunteer Program

Whether you are an individual or a group wishing to work with SayPro on a particular project or activity for as little as 2 hours to as long as 3 years, SayPro offers individuals and groups from all countries the opportunity to do so. As long as you are between 15 and 90 years of age, you are eligible to become a member of the SayPro community. There is a continuous process of accepting volunteer applications throughout the year. It is also the responsibility of the travel department at SayPro to assist those who require visas for their visit. Apply here


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