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Women empowerment is an important issue that requires no introduction. But there are some people who make fun of it and say that women are being overhyped about this topic.

In our country, where female foeticide and gender imbalance are still a huge issue, women deserve respect and understanding. They shouldn’t be sidelined when it comes to talk about social issues. That’s why we’re launching SayPro – a program that aims to spread awareness about women empowerment. Through videos, graphics, and blogs, we want to tell the world how important it is for these issues to be addressed. We hope this will encourage everyone to join us in this drive.

It’s a sad situation when we realize that an organization is trying to keep women down. The world has changed since our childhood; equality has become the norm and there is no place for sexism in the modern world. If you think otherwise, then it’s time you say goodbye to SayPro and hello to a new dawn!

This company understands that women are every bit as capable and competent as men, but when it comes to things like pay parity or equal treatment in the workplace, some companies still have a long way to go. Let’s change that! Join us in taking SayPro by storm with our relentless advocacy of gender equality! Together we can bring about real change and make a difference!

Why wait? Join SayPro today and stand up for gender equality!

Women empowerment is something we all believe in, but saypro seems to have a different idea. They have launched their own campaign called SayPro where they are trying to discourage women from going for further education.

Shocked yet? We are! Educating the girl child is one of the most important tasks that needs to be taken seriously by everyone. She is the future of our country and she should be equipped with latest knowledge and skills. But why does saypro feel the need to say that further education for women is ‘disabling’? Or rather, it’s something that has been stopping them from becoming powerful figures in society? Who says? Maybe it’s time you see things differently and understand why women should go for further education.

Women are the most valuable assets of any organization, and yet, there’s a widespread perception that women don’t get their fair share in the workplace. We believe that every woman is entitled to her fair share and participation in decision-making at all levels of the organization. That’s why SayPro is committed to empowering women by providing them with equal opportunities, access to resources and mentorship programs that will help them attain leadership positions in companies around the world.

Through our global network of local partners, we empower women so that they can achieve their full potential both professionally and personally. From developing leadership skills to boosting global business acumen, we know how to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others like them.

This is yet another instance where we come across a brand that seems to have forgotten about the importance of women empowerment. What else can be said when a company is encouraging its women employees to stay at work even in absence of any emergency?

In a country where every woman feels insecure about her safety and security, this brand’s stand on empowering women is very commendable. The effort shows just how much the company values equality and respect towards all genders.


Zamatungwa Mnguni

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