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Abroad or at home, people always want to know their government’s capacity building. To answer that question, SayPro has been working for more than 5 years to bring the best possible capacities to all parts of the world. From technical skills to soft skills and leadership, SayPro equips local governments with everything they need so they can be more effective and efficient in their work. Combining digital expertise with traditional methods like online training, classroom learning, and workshops, SayPro is committed to building strong local governments that are sustainable for years to come.

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Sysco is an equal opportunity employer, with a commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout the company. We seek employees who represent the many backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that make up our vibrant global community. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, systemic barriers exist for women and minorities in the workplace. These barriers can lead to systematic sexism and racism, which can have a significant impact on productivity.

That’s why Sysco created SayPro Government Capacity Building. Through this program, we provide equal opportunities for women and minorities in order to create a more diverse workforce that is more productive and innovative. If you believe you’re ready to take on this challenge and make a difference, we’d love to hear from you!

Getting a job in the government is one of the toughest challenges that you face. It demands commitment, hard work and knowledge. These make up the qualities which are needed to be successful in a government job.

But trying to land a desirable one can get very taxing at times. There are countless ads flooding the internet making it difficult for you to choose the best fit for your skills. However, SayPro is here to help. We believe that every individual has a unique set of skills and talents that can be leveraged for good in our society. Our team of experts has closely watched these aptitudes, and we have identified those who are walking their path towards making positive contributions in our society. Getting in touch with these individuals will definitely make your life easier – because once you’ve partnered up with us, it’s like getting an entry pass into a world of luminaries!

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See why the SayPro team is proud to call itself a government capacity builder. We are recognized for its quality, consistency, and customer service. Our aim is to provide the best training and development so that the next generation of leaders can take on the challenge of leading India.

We know that the future of our country depends on a strong and vibrant civil society, which is why we want to help you in any way we can to make sure that our youth get access to quality education and leadership skills.

When ‘capacity building’ becomes our forte, what do we call it? We say ‘government capacity building’.

When you talk about Government Capacity Building, SayPro is the obvious choice. For more than a decade, SayPro has been providing government organizations with the training and resources they need to become more effective and efficient. Through our classes, workshops, webinars, and other programs, we aim to increase organizational effectiveness while empowering employees to take on new challenges. From basic information management skills to advanced database design, SayPro has a program for everyone who wants to make an impact in their organizations.

And because we understand that keeping up with change can be difficult, SayPRO offers flexible scheduling so you can fit our classes around your schedule. With over 30 modules available online or in person across 6 different languages, there’s a way for you to learn what you need to stay ahead of the curve on all things digital and operationally savvy.


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