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SayPro Leadership follows ethics, corporate governance and king III Leadership rules. Through the leadership of the founder and ,owner Neftaly Malatjie SayPro has set up internal and external structures that ensure integrity and transparency. SayProa has set of policies as adopted and approved by the owners in april 2014. The provide internal guidance and advisory on how SayPro will be anaged, run and coordinated during and beyond the leadership of the owners.

SayPro is leadership is as the following:

  • SayPro Directors and Owners: The owners and Directors are the leaders responsible for SayPro full governance, authorisation and approval. Supported by all the offices the Directors and Owners of SayPro wiltake responsibility for full oversight and corporate governance within the entire company.
  • SayPro Shareholders and Investors: Shareholders are the people who have invested their resources and time to SayPro. They will also play a major role in the growth, governance and decision making to drive SayPro to grow beyond what it is.
  • SayPro Portfolio Committees: With the recommendations from the Directors, Owners, Shareholers and Investors. SayPro will set up various portfolio committees who will play a major role in strengthening support, oversight, governance and the growth of SayPro as a brand.
  • SayPro Lekgotla la ME Committee: With the Instruction and approval from the Directors and Owners. The Lekgotla la ME Committee is the party responsible for the oversight of operations form the Board of Advisors to the client. They will take major operational decisions as guided by the Lekgotla la ME Committee as approved by Neftaly Malatjie in 2018. At SayPro Lekgotla la ME inauguration.
  • SayPro Board of Advisors: The Board of advisors are independent individuals who provides advisory and approval for operations related to non-profit division of SayPro and its subsidiaries. Similar to Lekgotla la ME Committee. The Advisors will ensure full oversight, review and signing of contracts and partnership related to the non-profit or community development units of SAyPro.
  • SayPro Office of the Chief Executive Officer: He/She will be the leader responsible for all strategic and matters related to SayPro.
  • SayPro Office of the Chief Operations Officer: She/He will be responsble for all operations of SayPro.
  • SayPro Office of the Chief Communications Officer: He/She will be responsble for SayPro Communications.
  • SayPro Office of the Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer: He or She will be responsible for marketing, partnerships, and resource mobilisation.
  • SayPro Office of the Chief Financial Officer: He/She will be responsible for Financial Management, Governance and Compliance.
  • SayPro Office of the Chief Technology Officer: He/She will be responsible for Automation, Online Design and SayPro Branding.

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  • Neftaly Malatjie | CEO | SayPro
  • Email:
  • Call: + 27 11 071 1903 
  • WhatsApp: + 27 84 313 7407

SayPro is a group of brands leading in the development, building innovative online solutions and a strategic institution on child growth, youth empowerment and adult support programmes, and applications.

SayPro Core Skills and Expertise:

  • SayPro Artificial Intelligence, Graphics, Online Design and Web Development
  • SayPro Higher Education, Certification, ELearning Development, Qualification Design and Online Training.
  • SayPro Community Development in Youth Unemployment, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and Gender-Based Violence
  • SayPro Company Registrations, Tax, VAT and Website Designs.
  • SayPro Research, Opportunity Sharing in Tenders, Funding and Contact Directories.
  • SayPro Monitoring, Evaluation, Knowledge Management, Learning and Sharing.

SayPro is providing international and global opportunities for youth. Partner with SayPro now by sending an email to or give us a call at + 27 11 071 1903

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