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Our humble beginnings are when we started to learn

SayPro started in the township of Diepsloot.

This is where we started by SayPro founder Neftaly Malatjie.

Neftaly realised that there is a need to develop a community based non-profit institution that will change the way the youth thinks about themselves and their families.

Our First Member

When we started SayPro membership to institutions.

The Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project and Diepsloot Youth Project became SayPro first members.

These organisations have over 20 000 members who affiliate under them.

SayPro as a development partner develops, researches and creates innovative platforms in which enables community organisations to thrive in their community initiatives.

South Africa to Southern Africa

The organisation shifted from being a community-based organisation to an international organisation that works with over 20 organisations internationally.

The organisation developed platforms such a policy development, legislative, program development, database management, development and review, template creation and training of trainers on behalf of SayPro client partners.

Collaboration is the key

We can never recognise the fact we need to collaborate in the development space. Partnership and setting key differences aside is very important.

In this case, the SayPro brings all partners on board to learn, innovate and share ideas together.

When we started

It seemed impossible when we started to change the lives of those in need.

However, working with the communities to structure their needs properly. Since we adopted the approach to work with communities.

The organisation has seen a rapid change in working with communities.

Contact us to partner or work or join us:

  • Neftaly Malatjie | CEO | SayPro
  • Email:
  • Call: + 27 11 071 1903 
  • WhatsApp: + 27 84 313 7407

SayPro is a group of brands leading in the development, building innovative online solutions and a strategic institution on child growth, youth empowerment and adult support programmes, and applications.

SayPro Core Skills and Expertise:

  • SayPro Artificial Intelligence, Graphics, Online Design and Web Development
  • SayPro Higher Education, Certification, ELearning Development, Qualification Design and Online Training.
  • SayPro Community Development in Youth Unemployment, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and Gender-Based Violence
  • SayPro Company Registrations, Tax, VAT and Website Designs.
  • SayPro Research, Opportunity Sharing in Tenders, Funding and Contact Directories.
  • SayPro Monitoring, Evaluation, Knowledge Management, Learning and Sharing.

SayPro is providing international and global opportunities for youth. Partner with SayPro now by sending an email to or give us a call at + 27 11 071 1903

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