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SayPro 17 June, 2022 1206

It may be part of your role to monitor and adjust stock security systems. Your workplace may have security systems in place to reduce or prevent theft or damage. To ensure the security of stock, it is important to understand the site layout, maintain stock documentation and know the value of stock, as shown in the following diagram.Reducing theft Theft in the workplace may occur in several ways. It may be the result of external parties breaking into the premises to take stock. This can be reduced or eliminated by securing the building adequately with fencing and locks and by improving security by installing CCTV in key areas. To reduce this type of theft or burglary, it is advisable to:1Theft by staffTheft by employees can sometimes be a problem. To prevent this:

  • Train staff about your security systems and your disciplinary policies and procedures. Training about the cost of stock theft will help, as many people aren’t aware of the implications for company turnover and job security.
  • Set up procedures to prevent theft. Staff with financial responsibilities should not be in charge of stock records.
  • Restrict access to warehouses, stockrooms and stationery cupboards.
  • Regularly change staff controlling stock to avoid collusion or bad practice.

Inventory AuditsInventory audits systematically count inventory on hand and compare it with internal inventory records, purchase records and sales records to spot incidents of theft, spoilage or other forms of shrinkage. Internal audits can act as a powerful psychological deterrent to internal theft. If employees know that you audit your inventory on a random basis, and if you can easily track which employees had access to inventory storage areas at which times, would-be thieves may be discouraged from even thinking about stealing.Security PersonnelBusinesses with highly valuable inventory might consider employing security personnel to monitor and protect inventory storage areas in person.Text Description automatically generated with low confidence

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SayPro is a group of brands leading in Africa’s development, building innovative online solutions and a strategic institution on child growth, youth empowerment and adult support programmes, applications in Africa.SayPro Core Skills and Expertise:

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SayPro is providing international and global opportunities for African youth. Partner with SayPro now by sending an email to info or give us a call at + 27 11 071 1903Please visit our website at Email: Email: Call: + 27 11 071 1903 WhatsApp: + 27 84 313 7407. Comment below for any questions and feedback. For SayPro Courses, SayPro Jobs, SayPro Community Development, SayPro Products, SayPro Services, SayPro Consulting, and SayPro Advisory visit our website to


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