SayPro a young person’s view on Violence affecting women and children Consulting Service

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SayPro a young person’s view on Violence affecting women and children Consulting Service

SayPro SayPro Most of violence happened during lockdown period according to my opinion is because many woman was having affairs at work places, so when they are home they failed to handle their affairs so that they end up disrespecting their husbands because when they are at works they used to chat with their so called boyfriends so they do it secretly indoors their husbands find not easy for a man to accept a situation like his wife if having affairs and when he ask for explanation a woman raise her voice.Man thinking about what he did for his family that make a man became a bad persons but truly most of men are not like that is because of situation that their wives out them on. Women end up getting out of their marriage because of their behaviour. Here in our country most of women violated because they love money more than their lives, they abandon their children for a man they do not know where he comes from, they abandon their families for people they do not know where they come from and what is their aim for approaching them.A man can marry a wife and make a home for them that will be full of laughter and happiness but a woman she will not see all of these, she will walk out of here marriage for a school boy because he have money that he get from his unemployed parents, she can walk out of her marriage for someone husband because she think he have money than her own husband. Husband get angry he fight her end up killing her because he worked hard to make her a better person and she didn’t see and them we will say that he violated her not knowing where was that fight come from.According to my opinion I can say that 95percent of women violated because of their behaviour and they also put innocent children and their old mommy, when a woman cross a man is not easy for a man to handle such situation of his wife she is having an affair or she disrespect him treat him like a piece of paper that’s why he end up killing his wife kids and in law reason is because when he kill a wife leave kids when he looks to them they will always remind him of their mom. That’s why most of man when they kill their wives they also kill their innocent children and after they kill themselves. Shortly I can say most of women put their children in danger because of their behaviour, women love money, money that you did not work for it can put your life in danger.When lockdown start millions of people lost they jobs. Many women walk out of their marriage because their husbands were no longer working not knowing what pain they are causing to their husband. For an example you were at that marriage for 15years but you left because your husband he is no longer working. Man fail to handle situation got angry then go to kill entire family of his wife. Not all men are bad persons but women put then to such situation. If all man can be treated with respect I think cases of violence will go down there will be a peace in our country. It is not easy for a man to forget what hurt him more especial when it comes from his wife. Women try to respect yourself men violence will go down. My opinion.

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