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1. Introduction and Background Information 1.1. Humanity and Inclusion Humanity and Inclusion (HI) – previously known as Handicap International – is an independent and impartial aid organisation working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, taking action and bearing witness in order to respond to their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. HI is working in more than 60 countries over the World. 1.2. Physical and functional rehabilitation For 40 years, HI has been providing rehabilitation services to help people with disabilities, injuries, trauma or other health conditions reach and maintain a maximum level of functioning. Our rehabilitation experts implement and promote an inclusive and comprehensive approach, ensuring the entire rehabilitation process is adapted to each person’s needs and specific context. Our activities take into account the personal and contextual resources and barriers to accessing and benefiting from rehabilitation and related services, paying specific attention to the role of caregivers and communities in the rehabilitation process. Since 2016, HI has been researching and testing the use of emerging technologies in remote service provision particularly for low- and middle income countries and complex situations. Based on our findings, we are working on improving access to rehabilitation services through an innovative service delivery model that combines the existing delivery setup in a given context with the use of digital technologies. As a result, HI has developed an open source, multidisciplinary telerehabilitation software, called OpenTeleRehab. 1.3. OpenTeleRehab OpenTeleRehab is an open source multidisciplinary telerehabilitation software – connecting rehabilitation professionals with service users to improve access to rehabilitation services and contribute to universal health coverage by facilitating discharge, transition of care and follow-up. The software that allows its users to access tailormade rehabilitation treatment plans adapted to a variety of conditions. It enables rehabilitation professionals to provide continued support and follow-up via chat or video communication, including plan adherence and goal achievement tracking. 2. Assignment 2.1. Assignment Objectives: The service provider will provide maintenance work and annual support service for OpenTeleRehab, including 1 admin web portal, 1 therapist web portal, 1 patient mobile app (iOS and Android), 1 open access library web portal. 2.2. Deliverables – Annual Support Service (fixed budget): Support infrastructure for deployment of change Monitoring of Third Party components defined in “Third Party Announcements” in the support and maintenance contract Health monitoring of logs every 3 months Data backups Scheduled maintenance checks Support desk ticketing system and reporting at defined intervals Access to hourly rates as specified in the contract Steering committee meetings – Maintenance Work (retainer budget): Incident resolution Change requests (RfC) Requirements analysis and estimates Content maintenance Updates & security patches Valid for 12 months 2.3. Service provider and HI’s Responsibilities The service provider: As part of the maintenance contract, the service provider provides response under the following time scheme: Status: Emergency* – Time to First Reaction: 4 hours – Time to First Intervention: 1 day – Workaround: 3 days – Time to Final Resolution: 3 months Status: High** – Time to First Reaction: 12 hours – Time to First Intervention: 3 days – Workaround: 6 days – Time to Final Resolution: 3 months Status: Medium*** – Time to First Reaction: 3 days – Time to First Intervention: 6 days – Workaround: 15 days – Time to Final Resolution: 3 months Status: Incident or request for change – Time to First Reaction: Best effort – Time to First Intervention: Best effort – Workaround: Best effort – Time to Final Resolution: 3 months. *Emergency = Site Down: Business critical incident **High = Not business critical, but multiple users affected, workaround not available ***Medium = Not business critical, but multiple users affected, workaround available HI: – To log incidents in the Supplier’s ticketing system – To provide required feedback within one business day – To prioritize the backlog pipeline – To approve / decline Maintenance Work that requires an estimate before completing the full scope of the request – To provide effective communication of key personnel (at Customer or at third party provider) which will help to provide relief of an issue 2.4. Additional information Expected duration of the contract: 1 year. How to apply Proposals should be submitted to Martin JACOBS m.jacobs@hi.org before 19th September 2022. Email object: “Consultancy #03092022 [Name]” Proposals should include: – Relevant past experiences – Maintenance methodology – Proposal quality – Activity costs, including: Support team rates Annual Support fee


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