SayPro MHPSS situation among Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, the first line responders in Moldova, internally displaced population in Odeska and the host comm

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SayPro MHPSS situation among Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, the first line responders in Moldova, internally displaced population in Odeska and the host comm




All INTERSOS employees and consultants are expected to perform their roles and responsibilities according to INTERSOS chart of values and code of ethics. The job description is mandatory for all position within INTERSOS and shall be signed by employee within the first week of employment.


MHPSS situation among Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, the first line responders in Moldova, internally displaced population in Odeska and the host community in Odesa Oblast (Odeska) – Lessons learned and way forward


Develop a report that can inform the international community about the specific MHPSS needs of the various target groups and respond accordingly


In country Moldova

If security situation allows, Odesa region

and remote


Phase 1 – Data collection (Sept-Dec ’22)

Phase 2 – Data analysis, report writing and dissemination of findings (Jan ’23-Jun’23)

Start date

15th of September

Reporting to

WHO? Regional director Europe / European medical referent and Head of Mission Moldova

Estimated costs

Provided in financial plan consultant


Report on MHPSS situation by June ’23 and series of webinars on lessons learned. If possible, the availability to present during face-to-face conference/event

Project in Moldova and Odesa

On March 3rd, INTERSOS started the first activities in support of the population in transit in Moldova. INTERSOS was initially present at the borders in the south-east of the country with operational headquarters in the capital, Chisinau. We established a mobile clinic to offer primary healthcare for refugees in transit at the border point of Palanca. There, as in the nearby border point of Tudora, INTERSOS carried out protection activities including identification of vulnerable people, referrals, direct psychosocial support and information provision on available services. In the following months, INTERSOS established its presence in the Palanca Bus Hub and in the districts of Căușeni and Ștefan Vodă. A protection and medical team began providing primary healthcare, protection monitoring, PSS as well as internal and external referrals for Ukrainian and Third Country Nationals fleeing the conflict. Due to the geographical spread of the displaced population, INTERSOS Moldova soon expanded its activities into the central region of the country, covering the city of Chișinău and other districts. A special focus has been put on reaching the most vulnerable communities therefore, assessments have been conducted in the northern, central and southern regions of the country. The mobile protection units engaged with local actors and representatives of communities and individuals at risk in order to understand their needs and provide durable solutions. In addition, in August 2022 INTERSOS started providing protection activities in Odesa including psychosocial support and social assistance and primary health care services are expected to commence here shortly as well.

Job Purpose:

The consultant is responsible for the guidance on data collection on MHPSS where the data collection is unified across all projects and the countries and allows cross-sectional analysis and ensures a meaningful report, containing both qualitative and quantitative data is published by June ’23. The data collection should include members of the refugee community in Moldova, the internally displaced in Ukraine, host community in Moldova and host community in Ukraine and provide a cross analysis comparing the various groups, allowing for analysis on the similarities and differences of the impact of the mental health status across the four groups, but also allowing for valuable lessons in how to approach MHPSS for the various different groups. The consultant is expected to provide support the information management unit with quantitative data collection who can support in the creation of online tools. The consultant will take lead int the qualitative data collection with input from the program managers, protection manager and medical coordinator. [FC1] The consultant is fully responsible for the data analysis and report writing. The data will remain intellectual property of INTERSOS, but can be shared during scientific conferences with prior approval of the regional director of Europe INTERSOS.

Expected deliverables and timeline (tentative)


First draft deadline

Final draft deadline



Inception report (10-12 pages); inception report presented to both mission 3 weeks after start contract


Mid October

7% of contract value

Step 1: Data collection tools ready and training provided on the tools (if needed); Field visit prepared in collaboration with the MEAL/IMO unit in Moldova/Ukraine

Mid October

End October

30% of contract value

Step 2: Data collection during field visit 1

Mid October – End October


10% of contract value

Step 3: Data collection during field visit 2

Mid November – End November


10% of contract value

Step 4: database of all data presented to INTERSOS

Mid December ‘23

End dec ‘23

10% of contract value



Step 4: A written analysis of the data is presented

Feb ‘23

March ‘23

Step 5: A report on the data and suggested action plan is developed

April ‘23

May ‘23

20% of contract value

Step 6: Final report finalized and data disseminated in webinar series

May ‘23

June ’23

13% of contract value


An Advanced University Degree (Masters or equivalent) in psychology or psychiatry with a strong research/academic background

Competencies: (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities)

Professional Competencies:

  • Linkage to a university to allow for ethical clearance
  • Experience in cross-cultural MHPSS programs
  • Familiarity with NGO work
  • Excellent analytical and reporting skills

Behavioral competencies:

  • Excellent interpersonal and Communication skills
  • Client Orientation approach
  • The counselor should have a compassionate, caring, and non-judgmental personality.
  • Punctuality and respect for applicable rules and procedures;
  • Ethical and transparent decision-making;
  • Respect of confidentiality and data protection protocols;
  • Independence, i.e., conducting tasks with minimal supervision, and stress resilience;
  • Self-motivation, goal/result-orientation and team work;
  • Flexibility, tolerance and maturity.
  • Data confidentiality


  • Fluency in spoken and written English; support with translation will provided within the missions and during field visits with translators.

If interested, please submit:

  • Financial plan (international tickets, local transportation and accommodation for field visits will be covered by INTERSOS)
  • Proposed workplan and methodology,
  • CV plus references of the lead investigator, and if relevant the other investigators
  • At least two examples of previous reports in a similar area of work

[FC1] [FC1]I would add something like

Given the precarious security condition in Ukraine, Moldova mission will probably be the most visited location. Moldova mission will therefor lead the communication flows with the two operational areas, with particular attention to security and logistics, and facilitating movements to Odesa where considered acceptably safe.

How to apply

Submit all these documents to before 24th of September with the title EOI-MHPSS-REPORTING-MOLDOVA. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and the vacancy can close early if suitable candidate has been identified.