SayPro Nancy’s profile Consulting Service

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SayPro Nancy’s profile Consulting Service

SayPro SayPro Nancy holds a degree in Conservation, Tourism, and Sustainable Development. She has skills in fundraising, Corporate Social Responsibility, Donor Management, Volunteer Recruiting, Customer Service, writing proposals, Project Management, Budgeting and Report Writing.She has worked a number of projects with SayPro and has managed the successful implementation of over 50 projects that’s SayPro has worked on with an aim to empower youth.Nancy continues to make an impact by being the Strategic Partnerships Manager of SayPro where she manages everything related to fundraising and donor relations.

1 Clifford Legodi | Chief Operations OfficerSayProWebsite: www.southernafricayouth.orgCell: 27 (0) 67 060 4783Email: clifford@southernafricayouth.orgStudy and Qualifications Company

SayPro is a group of brands leading in Africa’s development, building innovative online solutions and a strategic institution on child growth, youth empowerment and adult support programmes, applications in Africa.SayPro Core Skills and Expertise:

  • SayPro Artificial Intelligence, Graphics, Online Design and Web Development
  • SayPro Higher Education, Certification, ELearning Development, Qualification Design and Online Training.
  • SayPro Community Development in Youth Unemployment, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and Gender-Based Violence
  • SayPro Company Registrations, Tax, VAT and Website Designs.
  • SayPro Research, Opportunity Sharing in Tenders, Funding and Contact Directories.
  • SayPro Monitoring, Evaluation, Knowledge Management, Learning and Sharing.

SayPro is providing international and global opportunities for African youth. Partner with SayPro now by sending an email to info or give us a call at + 27 11 071 1903

Please visit our website at Email: Email: Call: + 27 11 071 1903 WhatsApp: + 27 84 313 7407. Comment below for any questions and feedback. For SayPro Courses, SayPro Jobs, SayPro Community Development, SayPro Products, SayPro Services, SayPro Consulting, and SayPro Advisory visit our website to