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                 Position Title: Provincial Officer                           Activation Date: 15 September, 2022 &nbsp; Announced Date: 15 September, 2022 &nbsp; Expire Date: 24 September, 2022                                                           <!-- Go to www.addthis.com/dashboard to customize your tools -->                                       &lt;!--&nbsp;Facebook &nbsp;&nbsp;--&gt;                &lt;!--&nbsp;Tweet &nbsp;&nbsp;--&gt;               &lt;!--&nbsp;LinkedIn &nbsp;&nbsp;--&gt;                &lt;!-- &nbsp;Pinterest &nbsp;&nbsp;--&gt;              &lt;!--&nbsp;ShareThis &nbsp;&nbsp; --&gt;                  &lt;!-- &nbsp;Print &nbsp;&nbsp;    --&gt;                                               &nbsp;                                                    <table>                     <tbody><tr>                         <th>Job Location:</th>                         <td>                                                          Samangan                                                 </td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <th>Nationality:</th>                         <td>National</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <th>Category:</th>                         <td>                                                        Program                                                     </td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <th>Employment Type:</th>                         <td>Full Time</td>                     </tr>                                          <tr>                         <th>Salary:</th>                         <td>As per organizational Scale</td>                     </tr>                                           <tr>                         <th>Vacancy Number:</th>                         <td>0252-09-2022-IMC-KBL</td>                     </tr>                                          <tr>                         <th>No. Of Jobs:</th>                         <td>1</td>                     </tr>                 </tbody></table>                                            <table>                                             <tbody><tr>                             <th>City:</th>                             <td>Samangan</td>                         </tr>                                         <tr>                         <th>Organization:</th>                         <td>International Medical Corps</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <th>Years of Experience:</th>                         <td>Having three years experience in Project Implementation particular in the field of Psychosocial services and MHPSS</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <th>Contract Duration:</th>                         <td>4 Months and Extendable</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <th>Gender:</th>                         <td>Male/Female</td>                     </tr>                      <tr>                         <th>Education:</th>                         <td>Graduated from, recognized medical faculty</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <th>Close date:</th>                         <td>2022-09-24</td>                     </tr>                                          &lt;!--                    <tr>                         <th>Age:</th>                         <td> </td>                     </tr>--&gt;                 </tbody></table>                                                                               &nbsp;                                                        About International Medical Corps:                                            international Medical Corps (IMC) is a global humanitarian nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief programs. IMC is carrying out medical relief services in several provinces of Afghanista                               &nbsp;                       Job Description:                                            Purpose:     Provincial Officer work under direct supervision of Project coordinator and. He / She should have university diploma holder, should be capable of excellent English, Dari and Pashto languages, computer applicable packages and must have good communication skills. Experience in gender-based violence is an advantage.  The Psychosocial Counseling Officer works very closely with Project Coordinator and receives support and guidance from the Head of Programs and other management staff.         Relationship:    Superior: Project Coordinator                      Subordinate: Psychosocial counseling center staff, WFHS staff and provincial office staff                   Main Tasks &amp; Responsibilities:    Supervisory Tasks:    General:                           Responsible for the implementation of the Psychosocial counselling services and Medical services Project and ensures project objectives are completed.          Lead Psychosocial support SC in the target provinces.       Regularly Chair Psychosocial support SC meetings at the target provinces and compile all necessary documents including meeting minutes and 4 Ws format of PSC SC.       Completes the necessary logistical and administrative processes for project activities          Provides oversight and supervision of the PSCC and WFHSs project in the province.       Represents IMC and the PSS-GBV project at all levels including communities, government agencies and other organizations by attending meetings, sharing information and providing feedback when requested.       Preparation of Research Questionnaires and development of methodologies for research-based studies.         Responsible for all project reports for quality and for on-time submission.                       Supervisory Tasks:                    To regularly supervise the PSCC and WFHS staff          Provide guidance and transfer skills to PSS-GBV project staff including PSCCs staff and WFHSs staff         Monitor psychosocial counseling key actors in the effective application of PSC information management system                        Technical Tasks:        Prepare work plans and implementation reports.      Technical Support to Training Officer in conduction of Trainings    Develop Assessment tools on data collection     Assist in Establishing Psychosocial counselling Referral network among PSC Actors   Establish women working group in the province and conduct regular meeting.      Draft weekly, monthly, quarterly progress reports   Work closely with the Project Coordinator for technical oversight and implementation    Collection and compilation of monthly/quarterly progress reports of projects and its submission to Donor and sectoral departments.      Actively participate in all internal and external meetings relevant to the project and geographic area.     Monitors project expenditures and estimate monthly expenses of the project.           Tasks of Relations with External Agencies and other organizations:            Sharing the PSCC and WFHS and the rest project activities in PHCC meeting   Primary focal point between IMC and Provincial Public Health directorate, Women Affairs Department, Directorate of economy( DoE),Basic Package of Health Service (BPHS) implementer NGOs and other organizations implementing similar projects      Liaise with MoPH and other NGOs in information sharing and provide regular feedback.           Miscellaneous Tasks/NON-Routine Tasks:           Perform any other duty assigned by Project Coordinator/ Program Coordinator.    Assist the Program Coordinator and other management staff in tasks as required.           Safeguarding policy for Staff:            Respect and follow International Medical Corps Safeguarding policy and never neglect, abuse, harm, and exploit children, young people, and adults at risk,      Report any actual or suspicious harm to the children and vulnerable adults caused by staff and the program.                             &nbsp;                     Job Requirements:                                        Qualification:          Graduated from, recognized medical faculty      Having three years experience in Project Implementation particular in the field of Psychosocial services and MHPSS      Having experience in the field of GBV   Having good management skills   Having good communication skills    Having good computer skills                                &nbsp;                        Submission Guideline:                                          Dear Applicant,    International Medical Corps never asks job applicants for a fee, payment, or other monetary transaction. If you are asked for money in connection with this recruitment, please report to International Medical Corps at the website provided at the end of this document.     Please note that:         IMC commits to a fair and transparent recruitment procedure.    IMC will conduct his recruitment on the base of need only.      Only HR department will contact you during the recruitment process.     IMC may keep data of your application for its pool of candidate and might propose you other position than the one you applied for based on your qualification.      Only short-listed candidates whose application responds to the criteria will be contacted &amp; local applicants from the same province are encouraged to apply and will be given priority.      To apply for this vacancy, please use the following link:        If the link above does not work by clicking on it, please copy and paste it in the browser address bar.    Make sure that you have Entered All Education, Work Experiences Details Completely, Accurate &amp; at the end of the application you press Submit.    Preference will be given to local residence applicants.    Website for reporting misconduct: www.InternationalMedicalCorps.ethicspoint.com. Please do not submit your CV or application to this website, it will not be considered for review.                               &nbsp;                        Submission Email:                                                                                                                        <!-- ACBAR RES MAIN -->          

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