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There are various ways that one can use to learn and understand how to use new technology.

  1. Ask your co-workers what they know about this technology.

An in-person explanation can often be the quickest way to getting an introductory and broad understanding. They’ll usually be quick to tell you the things they like and dislike, and the most common pitfalls.

  1. Use YouTube

YouTube has to be one of the greatest “How To Learn” tools we’ve seen in the past 50 years. Be willing to wade through some of the junk videos to find the gems. Pay the price and spend time to learn through this rich reservoir of resources.

  1. Read the user manual

The user manual contains all the necessary information that one might need inorder to operate any new technology. Study the user manual and follow the steps until you are familiar with the new technology.

  1. Attend a training programme

Register and attend a training programme on how to operate the new technology. The training can be on-line or one that requires classroom contact.

  1. Read technology related blogs

Blogs can provide useful information on how to operate new technology.


Consumables are things that are used in the office and need to be replaced. Consumables are things, such as paper, toner, staples, light bulbs and computer disks. Below are examples of office equipment and the consumables that need to be replaced from time to time.Consumables for the photocopierThe photocopier uses the following things that need to be replaced;

  • Paper
  • Toner
  • Staples
  • Lenses

Consumables for facsimileThe facsimile uses the following things that need to be replaced;

  • Paper
  • Toner

Replenish consumablesFrom time to time, the consumables, such as the paper, toner that the office equipment needs to function, will be finished. You will need to fill in the equipment with the necessary consumables. Another way to say that consumables need to be replaced or filled again is to say that you need to replenish consumables.It is important that you understand which consumables may need to be replenished. It is just as important that you learn how to replenish, because office equipment will not work without consumables like paper.

HOW TO ADD PAPER IN A COPIERStep 1: Open your copier’s paper tray and adjust the tray’s guide outward to accommodate the ream of paper you want to load.Step 2: Locate the label on the paper’s packaging and look for an arrow pointing upward close to or on the label and the wording “Copy this side first.” Open the ream of paper and fan the paper to remove any static electricity from the paper.Step 3: Place the paper in your copier’s paper tray so that the side with the wording “Copy this side first” facing up. Do not fill the tray with paper above the fill line on the inner side of the tray. If the paper is loose and does not contain a packaging or label, hold the ream of paper with your hand underneath the paper’s center and see if the paper’s ends are flopping or curving downward. Now, turn the ream over and place your hand underneath the paper’s center and see if the ends are flopping downward. Find the side with the greatest flop or curve and then place the ream in your copier’s paper tray after fanning the paper to remove any static electricity.Step 4: Adjust the tray’s guide inward until the guide is snug against the ream of paper. Do not push the guide too far and buckle the paper, though. Close the paper tray slowly to avoid shifting the paper.
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